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hebrew - עברית


a glance at a land that no longer exists
feature documentary (93') 
a personal, dramatic and emotional  journey through
20 of the Israeli villages dotting the Gaza Strip
one month prior to Gush Katif's inevitable destruction

"A fateful vision of the Gaza Strip."
Francis Plourde, Cultural Writer, THE UBYSSEY

images of what was and what could have been."
Meg Johnstone, Journalist

feel the music:
Composer Ben Euerby's
Surreal's Original Score
Sampler (MP3)

Surreal's Trailer  

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"Erez's films are very compelling though he uses little more than straight-up interviews, and visuals shot in some of the world's most controversial areas -- taking tough subjects and without an evident political agenda, makes a very humane plea that goes straight to the heart." 
Suzette Meyers
Filmmaker, 2006 Vancouver World Peace Forum Film Festival Coordinator

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Yanuv Barzilay clearly did not find what he expected to find in Gaza:
no militant settlers, no demonstrations, no barricades against the upcoming turnover. What he did find is surprising: a land that is, at first glance, eerily ordinary.
Yet Yanuv Barzilay once again demonstrates his ability to see beyond the surface as he captures the ghost-town-like dislocation of a land in shock, teetering between denial, muted rage and resignation. Israeli settlements are largely abandoned; those who remain are shrouded in distrust.
One feels one is driving though villages ravaged by a plague. The sense of loss hangs heavy in the rotting tomatoes, the ripped Israeli flags, the unspoken words. Is it a graveyard or a powder keg? The viewer can't decide.
Yet the lingering images are those of the innocent smiles of the Palestinian children in Rafah and of the communal sense of loss etched on the faces of both Israelis and Palestinian workers - images of what was and what could have been. Yanuv Barzilay has given us a once-in-a-lifetime documentary of a time and place few of us have ever seen and can never see again."
Meg Johnstone
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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"At first glance, it seems almost normal. But look further, the villages are nearly empty, the flags are ripped, the produce rotting.
This is the Gaza Strip, one month before the destruction of the Israeli villages.
The 20 settlements are almost silent as they form the unlikely backdrop and the focus of a Canadian road trip.
Both former Israelis, two old friends decide to take a farewell journey.
What can they find there?

Filmmaker Erez T-Yanuv's Barzilay's panoramic digital footage contrasts with Dror Marcus' still photographs, just as the disbelief of the villagers still left juxtaposes with the smiles of innocent Palestinian children.
Music by Canadian Ben Euerby sets the score for what is truly a strange journey.
Surreal: A Glance at a Land That No Longer Exists offers us a look past the news clips, the soldiers, and the concrete barricades, with a glance at lost possibilities and living hopes. The Gaza settlements are gone - this time and place exists only on film and in memories."
Jill Fournier
Calgary International Film Festival

A fateful vision of the Gaza Strip
"It could have been a political movie.
Instead, the former Israeli
, while keeping a
Jewish perspective
, made a movie about humanity that went beyond national beliefs.
As a result
, the film leaves us with more questions than answers.
Francis Plourde
Culture Writer
22 SEPTEMBER, 2006
Vancouver, BC, Canada







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