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SLP Features:  A Cry for Madiom ongoing Genocide in the Sudan | Save Darfur | commemorating the Rwanda Genocide



NOW - relevant than ever:  Surreal a glance at a land that no longer exists | soon available over the web |
Erez T Yanuv Barzilay  Director :: Producer :: Writer :: Director of Photography :: Editor

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Shai Lah Productions (SLP) is an award winning independent producer of web, television and documentaries based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Driven by a strong commitment to use public media outlets to promote social justice,
Shai Lah Productions is dedicated to ensuring thought provoking content is delivered
through diverse multi-media projects, proactively involving the general public and encouraging positive actions.

Offering:  ▪ unique experience in making a wide range of documentaries & factual programs
                 ▪ training and promotional digital videos & DVDs
                  ▪ professional digital recording & editing equipment
                   ▪ worldwide contacts for on-location productions


Over 10 years experience in directing, producing and reporting for national
and international television current affairs


Over 20 years experience in all aspects of print and broadcast journalism;
feature writing for magazines; hosting and producing national radio programs


Wide coverage of world events, specializing in areas of conflict, crisis and catastrophe, 
both manmade and natural disasters


Promoting humanitarian aid to developing countries and distressed regions


On location work in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South Pacific & North America


Professional training in the United States, Canada and Israel

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