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A Cry for Madiom
ongoing Genocide in the Sudan
one hour documentary featuring the long
forgotten fate of the people of Southern Sudan

Erez speaks on Madiom and the Darfur Genocide
Wake Up with Co-Op Radio (MP3)
 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11/05

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> CRITICS | A Cry for Madiom


"Extremely powerful and real film that will leave one speechless. The horror of it all.
A must to see to truly understand the horror still going on in Sudan." 
Leonard Schein
Founder of the Vancouver International Film Festival
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Unbelievable.  Its hard to believe something like this exists on Earth."
David MacVicar
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"How much love there is in a place that has nothing We had everything but never had so much love."
Poul Leard
Shambhala's Marpa House, Boulder, Colorado, USA

"Congratulations on a very touching and important film.  It was an easy choice awarding the Humanitarian Award."
Gregory von Hausch
President & CEO
Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival

"The film made me feel like I was there amongst the patient starving children and their mothers."
Jim Morris
Boulder, Colorado, USA

"The film makes you feel guilty for every mouthful of food that we eat and have such easy access to. 
The film is unique in that you have chosen to stay with the footage instead of cut away so people are forced to imagine that "there go I but for the grace of God"."
Gillian & Rudi Darling Kovanic
Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with us.  No words can convey the impact this will/has had on me."
Naomi English
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"The movie, 'Cry for Madiom' was absolutely stunning it brought back many painful memories and encouraged me to really go back home.  The discussion was brilliant, I really wish more people can see this."
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Vancouver, Canada

"I enjoyed the visually thought provoking input from Erez."
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Vancouver, Canada

"Your collected footage from your brief visit to the MSF camp in the Sudan will give viewers who wish to take the time to see it through your eyes, a convincing and sobering impression of the work of MSF, and the difficulty faced by journalists filing the stories that turn up on the evening news."
Gary Marcuse
Programming Executive, CBC Television
Vancouver, Canada

"The movie inspired me to do something good for the world.  I am still thinking about exactly what and how i am going to do but watching the documentary motivated me like nothing else has."
Jared Howitt
Dead Zone Productions
Vancouver, Canada

"For years, South Sudan has been consumed in violence and the misery it leaves behind. This documentary focuses on the fate of 5-year-old Madiom Madiok and other starving victims who desperately seek help from international aid agencies. A moving testimony to the lives victimized by Africa’s longest war and the few Westerners that came to their aid."
Lisa Bobal
Memphis Film Forum Chair
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

"The night I saw your movie I woke up with visions of starved and innocent children and wept as I am doing at this moment at the thoughts of ALL of the injustices in this savage world. I believe the generation of my son and the next will be making better choices for the greater good, at least I pray to God they do." 
Susan Butterfield
Boulder, Colorado, USA

"A cry for Madiom awakens us to the fact that we are all accomplices by inaction in face of the suffering in Soudan and in face of other past and current human tragedies for that matter."
Pascaline Nsekera
School of Social Work
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Vancouver, Canada

"Africa Awareness is really proud of the work you have done and continue to do in making sure that Africa is represented in the light it deserves."
Ruth Situma
Chair 2005-2006, Africa Awareness
University of British Columbia (UBC)

Vancouver, Canada

"It was very moving and will make a difference in the world. Thank you for the efforts you made to make such a film. It was very powerful and does dwarf any of our perceived sorrows."
Susen Mesco
American Events & Promotions
Colorado, USA


"I really admire your film, an interesting meditation on compassion fatigue as we forget the horrors and famines and genocides as the media circus moves on. Meanwhile 40,000 children die everyday from curable things, hunger, etc."
Peter Wintonick
Director, Manufacturing Consent
 IDFA Events, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"...thank you for your dedication and compassion to not only Sudan
but Humanity, as well as sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us." 
Tu Phuong Le
Global Issues Club, Templeton Secondary
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I join in the hopelessness of the images but also in your message of hope." 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Touched, moved, tragic, sorrow, sadness.  I'm shocked." 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The message was clear.  Thank you for sharing your emotions and experience with us.  It's very good that you showed it in this way instead of making a different story.  Thank you, we will spread the word and take this with us." 
Ilse & Femke van Velzen
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"It would have been interesting to have had some more background information (bigger picture of the context) but then again the idea behind it was to show raw footage and to experience the reality of the situation in which you very much succeeded.  True, only the smell was absent.  I must say it was hard to watch and sometimes it felt like it was too much zoomed in and meant to be shocking.  All in all it did convey a strong message." 
Elsine van Os 

"You have done a great job !  Impressed, speechless.  I like to do something at school.  We are an organization of 29 schools.  I think about it, also Darfur." 
Muriel Klappe
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"It has been a shocking experience to see what poverty, vulnerability, genocide really means.  I am a student in development studies and have been dealing with concepts and theories about poverty for the past few months,  To see all this horror with my own eyes makes me feel very small and insignificant.  Still, however small my contribution will be i'll try to do something to help people like in Sudan.  Your contribution is so much bigger.  I can't imagine that any policy maker who would see your movie, can stay untouched.  The more influential people who see your movie the more can be done.  Thanks for opening my eyes !" 
Robbert Slobben
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Thank you very much for your very good documentary.  It's a pity that mankind pays so little attention to this enduring genocide.  The things happening recently, tsunami in Southeast Asia got more attention of media then this long lasting genocide.  I regret this unbalance.  I wish you a lot of success and hope that you reach a very big audience." 
Vivienne Philippus
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"It's good to show the world this is happening.  Even though we know to some extent what is going on in Sudan, it remains important to remember, be conscious and try to make a change.  It would be interesting to add some more background information about the context in order to understand a bit more of this situation that can hardly be understood.  Frankly, it was difficult to watch this documentary, but unfortunately this is reality.  Thank you for showing us what happens.  Hope this will add to a change.  Good luck with your work !" 
Relinde Reiffers
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"A disgrace for humanity.  It raises fundamental questions of state sovereignty, on religion and naturally the role of companies.  Do we need to police the world?  Also very difficult question.  However, we should restrict and campaign against profit seeking oil giants from the oil industry.  Please keep me informed." 
Dirk Gotink 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The situation is shocking, but i'm also very surprised of not knowing about this and not understand why this is happening, why the world do not do anything or inform." 
Mariana from Mexico
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"After the screening of your doc I was shocked. Shocked by the images you presented. At the same time during the screening I wondered if I was shocked enough?! What I saw in my opinion needs to be a blow in the face of the audience. And for one reason or another I didn't really experience that blow. It shocked, but did it shock enough? Am I too old? Remembering Biafra? Do I have seen too many of these images to be really shocked to the bones? And believe me, I really think I was shocked. I became angry. But was I shocked enough? Shocked enough to do something, to take action?  Technically (editing/camerawork) I think that shock could be more forceful. But as you explained after the screening it was your explicit choice to use a part of the unedited imagery. And that it worked one way or another is proved by the awards you are getting for your doc!" 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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