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A Cry for Madiom
ongoing Genocide in the Sudan
one hour documentary featuring the long
forgotten fate of the people of Southern Sudan

Erez speaks on Madiom and the Darfur Genocide
Wake Up with Co-Op Radio (MP3)
 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11/05

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> AWARDS | A Cry for Madiom


2006 Tuskegee Film Festival

A Cry for Madiom

with the prestigious

Best International Documentary Award

2006 Grand Prize Winner

2005 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

The longest film festival in the world

A Cry for Madiom

with the prestigious

Humanitarian Award

Best Humanitarian Documentary

"Congratulations on a very touching and important film.
It was an easy choice awarding the Humanitarian Award."
Gregory von Hausch, President & CEO
The 20th Annual Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival

2005 Boston International Film Festival

A Cry for Madiom
with the prestigious

Indie Spec Special Recognition Award


Documentary Film

outstanding achievement

2005 Moondance International Film Festival

A Cry for Madiom
with the prestigious

Columbine Award


Best Documentary
reflecting non-violent conflict resolution, alternatives to violence,
or show why violent resolution to conflict is counter-productive.

2006 Telly Awards

A Cry for Madiom

with the prestigious

Bronze Award


Non-Broadcast / Social Issues

A Cry for Madiom 
 was also
 Officially Selected

as the
Opening Film
 of the
motion & picture against poverty
during the
2005 Milano Film Festival
  Milano, Italy
 September 17, 2005


as the
Closing Film
 at the
  Boulder, Colorado, USA
 May 15, 2005



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