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A Cry for Madiom
ongoing Genocide in the Sudan
one hour documentary featuring the long
forgotten fate of the people of Southern Sudan

Erez speaks on Madiom and the Darfur Genocide
Wake Up with Co-Op Radio (MP3)
 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11/05

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The film is made mostly of unedited and uncensored sequences, as recorded by the director in a small feeding centre trying to cope with record breaking numbers of starving people, mainly infants and children in Ajiep, Southern Sudan, August 1998:

Five-years-old Madiom Madiok and his mother smile at me as I enter the center.  He and his mother walked through the marshes for three days to arrive here after Madiom's father died.  His mother has been left with five hungry children and no way to feed them. 

One of the largest hunger centers in southern Sudan is located in the village of Ajiep, about 1000 kilometers south the capital, Khartoum, in the heart of the green death-fields of the Bahr el-Ghazal region. 

Erez:  “That one is a special case, huh?”  Christine Nadori, Canadian Nurse:  “Well, I know that the other child died, so this is the only one she has left.”  “I think he is too big, though.  Can you imagine?!  I think he is too big...”  Erez:  “That he is too big to get into the center?”  Christine:  “Maybe.” 

In the past few months, tens of thousands of refugees and displaced persons fleeing the invading Muslim forces trekked to Ajiep in search of food. 

Madiom is finally being weighed. Erez:  “How much?” Male nurse:  “7.4 kilograms.”  Erez:  “For a 5 year old, is it enough?”

Thirteen-year-old Akel Chole is dead.  Just one week ago, his mother died.  Only one member of his family remains to accompany him on his last journey... 


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