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SLP Features:  Surreal a glance at a land that no longer exists | Save Darfur | commemorating the Rwanda Genocide


A Cry for Madiom
ongoing Genocide in the Sudan
one hour documentary featuring the long
forgotten fate of the people of Southern Sudan

Erez speaks on Madiom and the Darfur Genocide
Wake Up with Co-Op Radio (MP3)
 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11/05

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> ACT NOW to Save Darfur | A Cry for Madiom


get involved:
 2008 Youth Darfur Conference  

please support
 Darfur/Darfur Photo Exhibition Tour  

please join us for a Global Action project: 

Raise a Sky Blue Flag

on your congregation building, school, house, apartment, shop, car

in demand to STOP the Darfur Genocide
& HELP rebuild Peaceful Southern Sudan

help organize Community Event at your home or school

BUY A Cry for Madiom DVD and organize a screening at your community
|Contact SLP to get your own copy |

SHOW The Cost of Silence
Ryan Spencer Reed's Travelling Exhibition
| projectable version |movie |
and educate your community with the latest developments



PLEASE spread the word about it


PLEASE spread the word about it

Roméo Dallaire's
Shake Hands with the Devil:
The Failure of Humanity
in Rwanda

PLEASE spread the word about it

Rwandan Genocide survivor


The 'Protect Darfur' Campaign aims to protect Darfur’s Africans from genocide, through creation of a UN mandate for peace enforcement operations led by the African Union with support from wealthy nations.



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